Meet the Peer: Amanda Bosley - Certified Peer Specialist

Straight Up Care
Straight Up Care

In this episode of Meet the Peer, host Whitney Menarcheck interviews Amanda Bosley, a certified peer specialist in Ohio. Amanda shares her journey of recovery from opioid addiction and her path to becoming a peer specialist. She emphasizes the importance of peer support in providing hope and inspiration to others in recovery. Amanda focuses on supporting individuals in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and challenges the stigma surrounding it. She also highlights the need for peers to meet individuals where they are and support their unique paths to recovery. Amanda encourages self-care and finding small ways to build momentum in overcoming struggles.

🤝 Peer support brings hope and inspiration to those on their journey to recovery.
💊 Supporting individuals in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is key to breaking stigma and fostering effective recovery.
👥 Peers meet individuals where they are, championing their unique paths to healing.💪 Self-care and small steps towards self-improvement are game-changers in overcoming life's struggles.

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