Meet The Peer: Christma Rusch, Certified Peer Support Specialist & Recovery Coach

Straight Up Care
Straight Up Care

In this episode of #MeetThePeer , host Whitney Menarcheck interviews Christma Rusch, a certified #peersupportspecialist and #recovery coach. Christma shares her lived experience, including growing up in a challenging environment and her own struggles with #mentalhealth and #substanceusedisorder . She discusses the importance of empowering individuals through #peersupport support and creating safe spaces for healing. Christma also talks about her latest venture, Crusched Smash and Art Studio, which aims to reduce stigma surrounding mental health. The conversation highlights the need to challenge stigma and celebrate the strength and resilience of individuals living with mental health and substance use needs.Work with Christma:

- Peer support and lived experience can empower individuals on their journey to recovery.
- Creating safe spaces and providing resources for healing is crucial in supporting individuals with mental health and substance use needs.
- Challenging stigma requires education, personal interactions, and sharing success stories.
- Celebrating small accomplishments and embracing joy can be transformative in the recovery process.#reducethestigma #recoveryispossible

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