Kimberlea's Addiction Recovery Story


Personal Story of addiction recovery

Kimberlea Masters joins us for the 2nd half of the show to talk about her story of recovery from addiction.

Through recovery she has transformed her life, she has become an advocate for women in similar circumstances and a voice trying to end the stigma associated with recovering from addiction. She speaks publicly across Canada about recovery and domestic violence and has started a sobriety based clothing line for which she has been nominated for Momprenuer Start-Up of the year it is her mission to recover loudly to shine light on those living in the darkness so she may be the girl she needed to see all those years ago.

This is Kimberlea’s first go at recovery and it stuck with her for the first time. She talks how her early addiction recovery journey was much more difficult than her life today in recovery.

In addiction she had a couple of traumatic things happen to her in her childhood. She moved to BC from Nova Scotia. She had a 12 year marriage fall apart and that partner was an alcoholic addict. And he was court ordered to treatment. She thought it would be good for him and so she went to 12 step meetings with him, from there, she heard her story and decided to recovery herself.

R E C V R D apparel

She started a business of recovery clothing selling recovery slogan clothing. Recovering out loud.

Recovery and Anonymity
Lots of people question her about her anonymity and clothing line, but she doesn’t run around saying which 12 step program she is involved in. She is in recovery from addiction and she think it’s very important to tell people that you can recover because people need to hear that. If they’re sitting in the darkness like she was and they didn’t know that, there’s another way.

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