Recovery Conversations: Amory Mowrey

Straight Up Care
Straight Up Care

In this episode of Recovery Conversations, host Whitney Menarcheck talks with Amory Mowrey. Amory shares his lived experience with #addiction and #mentalhealth , highlighting the role of a #peer advocate in his #recovery journey. He emphasizes the importance of community support and the challenges of redesigning life in recovery. Amory also discusses the impact of boundaries and the need for healthcare professionals to examine their biases. He encourages others to approach everyone with compassion and understanding, recognizing that each person has their own unique story.

- Lived experience and sharing stories are crucial in breaking down stigma and raising awareness.
- Peer advocates play a significant role in recovery by providing support, understanding, and guidance.
- Redesigning life in recovery can be challenging, and community support is essential in navigating daily activities and building a new normal.#reducethestigma #recoveryconversations

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