Recovery Conversations: Alicia Nolan, Founder, Choose to Live

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Alicia Nolan, the founder of Choose to L;ve, an organization focused on suicide prevention and mental health awareness shares her personal journey, explaining that she started Choose to L;ve in April 2023 after her wife died by suicide in August 2022. She describes how her passion for health and fitness led her to incorporate mental health conversations with her physical training clients, eventually leading to the creation of purposeful apparel to spark discussions about mental health and suicide prevention.

Alicia discusses her efforts to raise funds for suicide prevention organizations through the sale of her merchandise and emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space for people to share their experiences without fear of judgment.Throughout the conversation, Alicia reflects on her own journey of healing, including the challenges she faced after her wife's death and her decision to remain sober. She emphasizes the significance of self-awareness and honest communication in seeking support and highlights the need for mental health reform in the United States.

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