Recovery Conversations: Adam Martin, F5 Project

Straight Up Care
Straight Up Care

Adam Martin, the founder and executive director of the F5 Project, shares his journey from being a five-time felon to creating a successful nonprofit organization. F5 Project focuses on helping justice-impacted individuals by providing housing, peer support, and reentry services. The organization has achieved a 75% success rate in helping individuals complete their program and avoid reoffending. Adam emphasizes the importance of treating clients with care and respect, and the value of peer support in the recovery process. F5 Project aims to break down systemic barriers and set individuals up for success after incarceration. This conversation explores the importance of peer support and the power of little things in the recovery process. It highlights the need for enthusiasm and a comprehensive approach to create lasting change for justice-involved individuals transitioning back into the community. The conversation also delves into the establishment and success of the Ridge Treatment and Reentry Center, which prioritizes peer support and holistic care. It emphasizes the need for nationwide adoption of peer support models and challenges the current treatment system. The conversation concludes by discussing the power of lived experience and the importance of empathy in creating holistic change.

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