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Guest 1:  Robert Imbeault Author of "Before I Leave You: A Memoir on Suicide, Addiction, and Healing". 

An unbelievably real and authentic story of pain, growth, and new life.

What if you could find happiness after addiction? Imagine the struggle was behind you and you felt grateful for every ounce of joy in your life. What if you KNEW how to be courageous and not just for show?

In his raw memoir, critically acclaimed and bestselling author, Robert Imbeault, shares how he found happiness after addiction. When the trauma of childhood abuse catches up with him, Robert begins a suicidal dance with drugs and alcohol sinking him to a series of rock bottoms. But through self-discipline, self-love, and small steps forward (and a few steps back), Robert transforms his life to one filled with gratitude and joy.

His story is a harsh reality of the darker side of Las Vegas and a reality check of how addicts hide their struggle and illness from family and friends.

In Before I Leave You, he shares his road to recovery, how he came to love himself, and most of all how he used forgiveness in his own healing.

Robert is a co-founder of a wildly successful startup which he helped build while he struggled with his addiction. What started out as a good-bye letter turned into this book.

If you are looking for a compelling, well written, raw and honest account of letting go and how to heal buy this book!

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Guest 2: Dr. Dennis C. Daley author of "Relapse Prevention Counseling: Clinical Strategies to Guide Addiction Recovery and Reduce Relapse

Written specifically for clinicians, this comprehensive books makes it easy for you to implement strategies proven to reduce relapse and help your client recover from substance use disorder (SUDs). Each chapter will lead you step-by-step through valuable resources for treatment such as:
-Tools for individual, group and family sessions
-Treatment models and therapies
-Counseling strategies for co-occurring disorders
-12 group exercises for SUDs
-Tips for teaching clients to identify craving triggers to prevent relapse
-Best practices for medication-assisted treatment
-Emotion management techniques
-Using motivation to make lifestyle changes
-8 group exercises for co-occurring disorders

Dr. Dennis Daley's Social Media/Website

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About the Author

Dr. Daley served in multiple clinical leadership positions for over 30 years in the Department of Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine Services (AMS) at Western Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. These positions include Chief of AMS (14 years), Director of the Center for Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency Services (12 years), Director of the Regional Research and Training Center in the Appalachian Tri-State (ATS) node of the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s (NIDA) Clinical Trials Network (11 years), and Director of Social Work and Family Studies (2 years). During his tenure, AMS expanded into a large continuum of clinical services, established a clinical trials research center, and engaged in training and education of practitioners from all disciplines, addiction fellows, psychiatric residents, medical students, and doctoral and master level students. Dr. Daley is also professor of psychiatry at WPH. He was also an adjunct professor of social work at the University of Pittsburgh.

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